How will you inspire & enable your female athlete's confidence and elite performance?

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Confidence in daughter
Cheatsheet: What To Say Before, During & After Competition
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Tune In Weekly - The Elite Competitor Podcast
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Confidence in daughter
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Grab one of our mini-courses for your daughter!

These are designed specifically for your female athlete... with quick, tangible lessons she can implement today.

Thriving Through Injury

From being sick to suffering major injuries that take her out of the game, your athlete can still develop her game, sharpen her skills & increase her confidence from the sidelines. This course will guide her on exactly what she can be doing now!

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Be Heard

Whether she is trying to navigate a tough situation, disappointed about playing time, confused about her role on the team, or needs clarity – learning how to have productive conversations is an essential skill that she will use in her sport and in life. She'll learn 5 simple steps to advocate for herself.

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Plan Your Week With Ease System

"Time" is something many athletes (and us adults!) struggle with. This 16 minute mini-course takes her through five steps to use when planning her week - protecting her time and energy for where she needs it most!

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Access everything your daughter needs to build confidence & develop her mental game... her biggest competitive advantage!


Confidence Boost Text Membership

It's finally here! A simple and effective way for your daughter to get tangible confidence tips, strategies & inspiration straight to her phone three times a week on the topics she needs most (and you can get them too!).



The Elite Competitor Program

The complete system to increase your female athlete's confidence, level-up performance, build resiliency, and greatly improve belief in herself... all through the sport she loves. (It's everything we wish we had at her age!)



The Dream Team

Hands on coaching for an exclusive group of Elite Female Athletes with tremendous goals who desire personalized and holistic support across their sport and life... allowing them to level-up and reach their wildest dreams.



All-Inclusive Costa Rica Retreat - July 2-9, 2021

🌴Connection + Memories + Mindset🌴
We're combining the best of what we do around here: cultivating confidence and elite performance…
and pairing it with an exclusive, customized, distraction-free experience in Costa Rica.

This once in a lifetime trip is limited to 6 mom-daughter duos.


Getting Over Mistakes!

“My biggest transformation from the program is learning how to get over mistakes. Another one is how to not have perfectionism. My confidence has boosted in myself because I know how to get over mistakes. My favorite part of the program was having access to talking with Breanne and updating her on my sports career or asking her questions on anything. ”


- Emma (13), Basketball, Volleyball, Swim, and Track Athlete

More Confidence!

"I am much more confident in my abilities. I've also noticed how my thoughts have become a lot more positive when doing workouts and other hard challenges. I would tell others players to join this program. It doesn't just help for volleyball, but also in other aspects of your life. It has helped me to improve my mindset and my confidence in myself."


- Amanda (16), Volleyball Player

Peak Performance!

“Mindset coaching helped me feel more sure of myself and better able to combat negative self talk, recognize when my mindset was slipping and stop it. I’ve gained strategies to keep my mind at peak performance which has really helped me practice harder and learn more from every rep. My confidence is more rooted in the process of improving rather than outcome, playing time, etc, and thus more consistent.”


- Alicia (19), Volleyball Player

Overcoming Negative Thoughts!

"My biggest challenge [coming into the program] would have been my mindset controlling my actions. I let walls that challenged me stop me instead of working around them. This has helped me find better ways to deal with negative thoughts and have different ways to calm my mind. My biggest takeaway is that I feel more confident in my mentality and am ready to take it onto the court.""


- Bekah (19), Basketball Player


"The Elite Competitor Program has been engaging for my daughter and it gives her another perspective. Plus, it's not me telling her these things, it's coming from you!"


- Dori, mom of Taylor (14), Basketball Player

Calm & Focused!

"I have noticed her ability to move through difficult situations with her school work, change dramatically. She’s able to remain calm and focused in times where she used to get frustrated and maybe even a little emotional. I've seen a boost in her confidence when communicating with friends as well."


- Jamie, mom of Marissa (13), Volleyball Player

Not sure where to start? Or, want to chat about your daughter's specific goals and needs?

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