✨ Our Next Program Starts on October 3rd... Are you in?! ✨

✨ Our Next Elite Competitor Program Starts on October 3rd✨


The Elite Competitor Program

The complete system to increase your female athlete's confidence, level-up performance, build resiliency, and greatly improve her belief in herself... all through the sport she loves. (It's everything I wish I had at her age!)

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The Elite Competitor Program

The complete system to increase your female athlete's confidence, level-up performance, build resiliency, and greatly improve her belief in herself... all through the sport she loves. (It's everything I wish I had at her age!)

>> Yes! Save her seat!

Together, we can ensure your daughter's mental game is her biggest competitive advantage... both on and off the court!


Before I Tell You All About This Life-Changing Program, Let’s Quickly Chat About Who This Is Really For…


Give Me A Nod If Your Daughter Is:

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Frustrated and can't shake it off when she makes a mistake.
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Stuck in a playing slump.
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Playing great in practice, then falling apart in games.
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Doubting herself.
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Being way too hard on herself.
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Fearing failure.
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Wanting to play at the next level, but just isn't quite there yet.
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Lacking confidence.

That nod also tells me that you already know her mental game is to blame.
As a mom (and many of you being athletes yourselves), it is so hard to watch your daughter struggle on the court or field and then see it follow her home, to school, and in her social life. 

You feel like you've tried everything and don’t know what else to say or do to help her. You tell her that she's a hard worker, good at at her sport, and talented... but she doesn’t hear it. You just wish she would believe in herself as much as you believe in her.

You're in the right place and we'll show you how The Elite Competitor Program is perfect for your daughter. This program will increase her confidence, build resiliency, advance her leadership skills, and greatly improve her belief in herself.

She'll improve her performance on the court or field, and even more importantly, your daughter will learn vital life skills. You'll see this reflected over and over again in the player and mom testimonials below.

We made this proven program specifically for you and your daughter. Let's dig into the details...

By the end of this 8 week program,

your daughter will have the skills to…


🌟 Crush her limiting beliefs.

She will know how to identify limiting beliefs and negative self-talk and then change the story for herself in order to increase her confidence and belief in herself in all aspects of life!


🌟 Create new routines and habits to optimize performance.

She will develop daily mindset routines, pre / during / post competition routines, and customized routines that are specific to her needs.


🌟 Overcome mistakes and perceived 'failures' in a snap.

She will now have recovery systems to respond to the big and little mistakes that can derail her performance, increasing her resiliency. 


🌟 Let go of perfectionism.

She'll create a healthy relationship with striving, rather than succumb to the perfectionism trap that almost all female athletes fall into at one point or another.


🌟 Be a better teammate and leader.

She will be more emotionally in tune with herself and her teammates, allowing her to better connect and lead.


🌟 Have big dreams, clear goals, and know how to go after them. 

She'll know how powerful her mind is and will have excitement to step out of her comfort zone to bring her dreams to life.

And you'll have peace of mind
knowing she's building deep and lasting confidence and belief in herself.

>> We're in! This is exactly what we need!

"I would encourage any parent to sign their child up, resiliency during challenges is a life skill that goes way beyond the court."

"I cannot say enough about this program and Breanne Smedley.

I have coached my middle school daughter in CYO since a very young age. I've watched her struggle with perfectionism and handling mistakes for many years. One mistake on the court would be OK but then if there were more or if the stakes were high, I would watch her emotionally spiral out of control. Many times, I wondered if she even liked volleyball because it seemed like it made her unhappy so often.

Lydia started Bre’s program in January. Already I have seen a significant improvement in her resiliency on the court. Our last tournament I saw a sequence of a three mistakes, then saw her shake it off and then make great plays. Since she’s not in her own head, this also freed her up to be a leader on the court.

Additionally, athletes work on visualization skills. Lydia wanted to improve her jump serve. Our last tournament she served 8 in a row, most of them aces, she likely would have served more but she aced game point.

If your daughter has the desire to be an elite athlete, a strong mental foundation is imperative to achieving that. I would encourage any parent to sign their child up, resiliency during challenges is a life skill that goes way beyond the court.” 

- Sherri, mom of Lydia (12), Volleyball Player

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The Elite Competitor Program 

Confident Female Athlete Program

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"I am very confident in myself now. I can't even remember what it was like before having this program..."


"You both have helped me so much. I am very confident in myself now. I can't even remember what it was like before having this program and having things like my hype number, my reset word, and just getting past mistakes quicker. Thank you again!"

-Mikayla (16), Volleyball

"This program helped me... I realized I wasn't alone."


"[Before The Elite Competitor Program], it was hard for me to forget my mistakes and move on from the past, I would blame myself a lot. The program helped me with these challenges because I was able to realize that I was not alone. [ECP] helped me see how to fix my problem and why I was having those problems."

-Jenna (15), Volleyball and Equestrian Team

"One of Morgan's goals going into this was she wanted to become more of a leader and I definitely saw her do exactly that."


"Morgan has learned how to cope with her own negative self talk on the court and off the court. Her confidence on the court started improving almost instantly after attending the online meetings. I noticed her ability to bounce back after a bad play.

But what stood out most was her leadership on the court. She turned into a team player who gave so much positive feedback to her teammates during the matches and at practice. I loved seeing this transformation.

The tools Breanne provides are so helpful. One of Morgan's goals going into this was she wanted to become more of a leader and I definitely saw her do exactly that."


-Tonya, mom of Morgan (16), Volleyball Player

What’s Inside The Elite Competitor Program...


Module 1

The Kick Off

Where it all begins! Module one is all about exploring what's possible. We set big dreams, intentional goals, and get out of our comfort zones in order to grow. We start to scratch the surface of how powerful our minds are and begin new habits and routines!

Module Highlights:

  • Explore what’s possible by setting big, audacious intentions (not your normal goal-setting activities!)
  • Understand the power of the mind and how it works both for and against you when achieving peak performance.
  • Get excited and motivated to develop new mindset routines to elevate performance and get what you truly want in your sport.
Module 2

Creating Your Daily Mindset Routine

In module two, we take a deep dive into how our thoughts lay the foundation for all the results we get in life. We learn how to access our subconscious brain through visualization, affirmations, mindfulness, and breathing so that we can create the results that we desire.

Module Highlights:

  • Uncover the key to getting your mind in alignment with what you want.
  • Learn how to access the subconscious mind through visualization, proper breath work, and meditation techniques.
  • Create the 5 minute mindset routine that will serve as the foundation for your daily mindset work and keep you focused on the athlete you desire to be.
Module 3

Crushing Limiting Beliefs

Building off of module two, we continue to dive into the thoughts that hold us back. The ones that have been so ingrained in us, that sometimes we aren't even aware of them! We learn how to identify limiting beliefs and change the story for ourselves to get closer to our goals!

Module Highlights:

  • Discover how our Inner Belief system translates to the results you want in life.
  • Come face to face with the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Learn the process to crush these limiting beliefs, allowing you freedom to grow to your potential.!
Module 4

What You Say Matters

In module four, we continue to explore how confidence is directly linked to the inner dialogue inside our heads. We take a serious look at the self-talk that is going on inside of us, and learn the types of self-talk needed to develop confidence on and off the court!

Module Highlights:

  • Discover the link between confidence and our moment to moment inner dialogue.
  • Take inventory of your own self talk - what’s working, and what’s hurting your performance.
  • Learn the four types of self-talk needed to develop confidence on and off the court!
Module 5

Overcoming Failure

Module five is all about learning how to create recovery systems to respond to the big and little mistakes that can derail our performance. We will learn how to get past failure and see mistakes through a new lens!

Module Highlights:

  • Reframe failure as something that is bringing you closer to your goals rather than further away.
  • Uncover the situations that derail you the most in your performance. 
  • Learn and implement a failure recovery system (the Mistake Ritual) that will allow you to bounce back from mistakes in seconds!
Module 6

Coming in Clutch

In module six, we establish pre-game and post-game routines as well as identify our "hype" number that we need to be at before stepping foot on the court/field so that we can turn pressure into motivation! We learn specific strategies to handle nerves and to ensure consistent performance every time we play.

Module Highlights:

  • Uncover the key to consistent peak performance. 
  • Discover your custom “hype number” that allows you to play at your best every time you step on the court/field. 
  • Create custom pre and post performance routines so that you can guarantee consistent play no matter what the circumstances!
Module 7

Letting Go of Perfectionism

Module seven is all about diving into something almost every female athlete struggles with to some extent: perfectionism. We learn about how perfectionistic tendencies come up, the difference between perfectionism and having goals and standards, and how to have a healthy relationship with striving!

Module Highlights:

  • Discover what causes perfectionism and identify signs of perfectionistic tendencies. 
  • Understand the difference between perfectionism and having high goals and standards.
  • Learn the steps to achieving a healthy relationship with striving without having to rely on perfectionism.
Module 8

Managing Stress and Becoming Resilient

Let’s face it: athletes' worlds are jam packed not only with sports, but with academics, relationships, and extracurriculars. It’s a lot to manage and can easily become overwhelming! Module eight is all about how to manage stress in a healthy way so that players can compete to their fullest potential without being bogged down with stress.

Module Highlights:

  • Discover how to reframe stress as a key to becoming a resilient athlete.
  • Learn the process to navigate stress in a healthy way so that you can perform consistently and tackle anything that comes your way.
  • Create your own game plan to relieve stress and and allow it to lead you closer to your goals.
All within...

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Confident Female Athlete Program
>> Can't wait to get started!

When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


The Elite Competitor Program
(A $1,987 Value)


🌟 8 Transformative Modules

Your female athlete will increase her confidence, build resiliency, advance her leadership skills, and greatly improve her belief in herself through 8 essential and transformative modules.


🌟 The Elite Competitor Workbook

Clear and actionable worksheets to stay accountable and get the most out of each training.


🌟 Guided Visualizations

8 guided visualizations for peak performance that she can access anytime, anywhere. Professional athletes use these techniques and your daughter will too!


🌟 And A Lifelong Competitive Advantage

She'll have the mental skills to be a step ahead of her competitors on the court/field, more accomplished in the classroom, and more confident and true to herself in social situations. She'll learn lifelong skills here.


🌟Plus These Limited Time Bonuses🌟 


Bonus 1

A Vision Board Party πŸŽ‰

This fantastic party is so much fun and really kicks the program off right!! Athletes have a chance to hang out together (virtually), dream of their desired future, and turn their vision into an image they can come back to daily for inspiration and encouragement!  

(An $250 Value)


  • Having a vision of who she wants to be is KEY to actually achieving it. And the deeper she can envision, feel, and shape her thoughts around this desired future... the more apt she is to create that reality in her life.

  • This Party follows Module 1 where Athletes come up with their big dreams and goals! Now they'll put it on paper!
  • She'll hang it up somewhere that she'll see often and can refer back to it throughout the program, and beyond, for a reminder of what she's working towards.


Bonus 2

Access to our *Members Only* Monthly Level-Up Q&A Calls πŸš€


Deepen your daughter's incorporation of the material and practices in order to truly transform her confidence and level-up in her sport.

(A $450 Value)

Confident Athlete Coach


  • She'll have a chance to send in (or ask live) questions regarding program material, specific situations she's encountering, or anything else that might be on her mind!
  • She'll also have the amazing opportunity to learn through other's questions, which often opens athlete's eyes to things they hadn't considered before.
  • We provide tangible coaching that is positive and empowering, while also helping these young female athletes see that everything they need is inside them already... they just need to learn how to access it!


Bonus 3

Optimize Her Nutrition with a Bonus Workshop with Lindsay Young, a Registered Teen Athlete Dietician πŸ“πŸ”πŸ₯—πŸ¦


Athletes have the opportunity to join Lindsay in a private workshop to learn how to leverage their nutrition in order to optimize their performance! 

(A $450 Value)

Confident Female Athlete


  • Uncover the keys to fueling her female athlete body to optimize performance.

  • Discover how nutrition impacts recovery, mood, and performance so that she can be her best on and off the court.

  • Learn her unique and specialized approach to fueling her body (hint: it’s not one size fits all!).


🌟...and a couple of special bonuses just for you!🌟

Bonus 4

Your 'Elite Competitor Parent Playbook' πŸ“’


We know you want to enable your daughter's confidence and belief in herself... and that you often feel stuck on what to say or do! 

We created this guide just for you! It's specifically for parents who want to ensure their daughter is getting the most out of her experience without hovering over her shoulder every step of the way. This is your complete guide to supporting her transformation.

(An $197 Value)

Elite Competitor Parent Playbook


  • You'll learn the key lessons your daughter is working on each week and insights to what changes she is making. 
  • We provide specific questions and activities you can do with her to help deepen her experience and incorporation of the material. 
  • You'll easily help her stay on track without hovering over her shoulder, seeming overbearing, or asking a million one-sided questions!! (We've got you covered!)

Bonus 5

We saved the best for last (!!)... Membership in Our Exclusive  'Inner Circle w/ Kristina + Breanne' Facebook Group πŸ“’


We are your side-kicks, coaches, sounding boards, BFFs... whatever you need to help enable and inspire you on this journey with your daughter.

(An $699 Value)

Elite Competitor Parent Playbook


  • You'll learn exactly what to say and do in the unique situations you encounter with your daughter.
  • We'll answer all your questions in the group and also on our monthly Inner Circle Zoom calls.
  • We know that your daughter's confidence and belief in herself is often a reflection of your own, so we'll definitely be chatting about that too! We want you to thrive and love life as well!
  • **This private Facebook group is only for those with daughters actively enrolled in one of our programs.**
>> YES! Snag My BONUSES!

"She has admitted to me several times feeling more confident and she now seeks out opportunities to find evidence that supports her development and growth vs. finding evidence that proves she is not perfect..."


"I loved ALL the modules, especially the way they were organized and progressed from Setting and Vision to Mistake Recovery to Stress Management. I think K and B hit all the big topics.

Each module had very meaningful and impactful guiding questions that allowed Allie to really "think" about the way she was "thinking." These were questions that allowed her to really understand how she was feeling. She dedicated a good 15-20 minutes each module with just journaling and reflecting on the questions.

I also loved that each lesson has actionable TOOLS and STRATEGIES to help Allie make a shift in a particular area of mindset by giving her a tangible action step to improve.

Each lesson had clearly stated objectives, activities, and the video lessons were quite helpful so Allie felt like Breanne was teaching the lesson each step of the way.

I also liked that were several live check-ins with a variety of topics: Allie loved the vision board party and was proud of her final product. She also found the nutrition segment quite useful.

I like that Allie and I could work through the lessons together so she felt like I was working on my own mindset along with her and she was not alone in trying to make improvements.

Finally, I liked that Allie responded to the group each lesson by leaving a comment regarding what she learned. She also was able to view all of the other comments from different athletes so she could see how others felt in the group.

[This Program] made her stop worrying so much what other people thought about her. At the end of the program she started to understand and embrace the idea that mistakes and failure were necessary to grow and learn. She realized she didn't need to be perfect because no one is. She has admitted to me several times feeling more confident and she now seeks out opportunities to find evidence that supports her development and growth vs. finding evidence that proves she is not perfect (which she had been doing before the program). "

-Lisa, Mom of Allie (13) a Soccer, Basketball, Track, and X-Country Athlete

Our Risk-Free 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Elite Competitor Program is the only program of its kind and we have unshakeable confidence in the results it enables for female athletes who commit to our proven process.

By the end of 14 days, your daughter will have received access to the first two, very powerful modules, the workbook, and the visualizations. 

Meaning, after 14 days, she will have set big dreams and intentional goals. And she will have started to learn how to utilize visualization, affirmations, mindfulness, and breathing to help create the results she desires. 

If she doesn't feel totally confident and inspired by what she's learning and discovering, simply reach out, show us that she has completed the first two modules and associated worksheets, and confirm she has been doing the practices, and we’ll gladly refund your investment.

"I fully believe training the mind is many times even more important than skill development in a sport"


"My daughter is seemingly a very resilient and positive girl... Our minds are evolving and adapting to our environment all day everyday and I fully believe training the mind is many times even more important than skill development in a sport. It is my hope that being apart of sports during her growing up years will provide Chiara the skills to mentally and physically believe in her ability to adapt, be resilient, and feel empowered in her own skin, allowing her to become the woman she is meant to be and love her self fully.

Before the Elite competitor program I viewed Chiara's reaction to mistakes as negative, I could see her get frustrated with herself, and then allow those mistakes to multiply.

While being apart of the program for the past 4 months I have watched Chiara become aware of her reaction to mistakes, she now uses those mistakes as a learning experience. I love being able to observe her facial expressions and know she has chosen to change the story in her mind about how she talks to herself about the mistakes, allowing her mind and body to be ready for the next play."


-Karis, mom of Chiara (12), Volleyball & Soccer Player

"I am much more confident in my abilities. I've also noticed how my thoughts have become a lot more positive when doing workouts and other hard challenges.

I would tell others players to join this program. It doesn't just help for volleyball, but also in other aspects of your life. It has helped me to improve my mindset and my confidence in myself."

- Amanda (16), Volleyball Player


“Mindset coaching helped me feel more sure of myself and better able to combat negative self talk, recognize when my mindset was slipping and stop it. I’ve gained strategies to keep my mind at peak performance which has really helped me practice harder and learn more from every rep. My confidence is more rooted in the process of improving rather than outcome, playing time, etc, and thus more consistent.”

- Alicia (19), Volleyball Player 

"My biggest challenge [coming into the program] would have been my mindset controlling my actions. I let walls that challenged me stop me instead of working around them.

The Elite Competitor Program has helped me find better ways to deal with negative thoughts and have different ways to calm my mind.

My biggest takeaway from ECP is that I feel more confident in my mentality and am ready to take it onto the court."

- Bekah (19), Basketball Player 

"[The Elite Competitor Program] has been engaging for my daughter and it gives her another perspective. Plus, it's not me telling her these things, it's coming from you!"

- Dori, mom of Taylor (14), Basketball Player 

"I have noticed her ability to move through difficult situations with her school work, change dramatically. She’s able to remain calm and focused in times where she used to get frustrated and maybe even a little emotional. I've seen a boost in her confidence when communicating with friends as well."

- Jamie, mom of Marissa (13), Volleyball Player 

Frequently Asked Questions

What parents and coaches have asked before signing their female athlete(s) up for this program...

A quick message from Breanne...


This program is basically everything that I wish I would have known when I was growing up as an athlete... struggling with confidence, being way too hard on myself, and letting one mistake derail me for the whole match.

Now, as a previous collegiate athlete, a head volleyball coach, and a certified Positive Performance™ Mindset coach, I am honored to serve so many young women through this course, at school, and on the court. 

I'm grateful every single day for the opportunity to serve these young women and have an impact in their lives.

I would love for your daughter to join us, but also understand if it's not quite the right time yet. I want the very best for your female athlete and your family either way.

Cheering for you always!

~ Breanne

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