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#23: Staying Mentally Healthy w/ Carly, Alanna, and Shannon of SoccerGrlProbs

confidence podcast self worth self-talk Dec 07, 2021

Today, I have the honor to interview Alanna, Shannon, and Carly of SoccerGrlProbs!

Alanna, Shannon, and Carly are all Long Island natives and former teammates on the Fairfield University Division 1 Women’s Soccer team. They now run the brand SoccerGrlProbs with a mission to support and encourage the well-being and positive self-image of young female athletes everywhere. 

They aim to inspire the idea of a strong, confident, positive female athlete who is comfortable in her own skin and strive to empower young female athletes to build a strong inner foundation and have the confidence to proudly grow into the women they will become.

Through their lifestyle brand, they deliver authentic and original content as a means to establish a sense of unity and sisterhood in the female soccer community.

In this episode, we dive into how athletes can stay mentally healthy off the field/court so that they are thriving in their sport AND their lives. 

We dive into: 

👉The common issues athletes face that can cause overuse, burnout, and anxiety

👉Tangible ways that athletes can manage their health off the field/court so they are actually enjoying what they do

👉How athletes can start to listen to their bodies and minds rather than ignore themselves and "push through"

This episode is a must-listen for moms of female athletes who want a glimpse of what is going on inside their athlete's mind, and tangible ways to help her be a balanced, healthy athlete on and off the court/field!

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