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#34: Top 5 Characteristics of a Mentally Tough & Confident Athlete - Does Your Daughter Have All 5?

confidence mistakes podcast self-talk Jan 14, 2022

Mentally tough and confident athletes do things differently. They think, speak, and behave in a way that stands out and allows them to be confident on the court/field and in their life. 

Here's the deal - all athletes are guaranteed to face similar challenges.  it's part of being an athlete.

But what separates the mentally tough, confident athletes from the ones that aren't is how they respond to these common experiences. 

Today we'll talk about 5 characteristics of mentally tough, confident athletes:

#1: They Move Past Mistakes Quickly

Mentally tough, confident athletes have tools to be able to move past their mistakes and be ready for the next play quickly. 

They know that time spent dwelling on mistakes is taking away from playing in the present moment. 

They have adjusted their mindset to know that mistakes are necessary for growth, have pre-rehearsed their reaction to mistakes, and can quickly move past them in the moment. 

#2 They Can Perform Under Pressure

Mentally tough, confident athletes also have routines that help them play well when the stakes are high. 

Therefore they have the mindset that they want the ball to come to them, that they can be counted on, and they can perform through the nerves. 

They see nerves as excitement rather than something to avoid. 

#3 They Focus on What Is In Their Control

These athletes know what is in their control and what is not and they don't waste a second ruminating on the things they have no influence over. 

They also stay away from complaining and complainers. 

What we focus on expands, so they keep their focus on their own attitude, effort, behavior, and preparation. 

#4 They Are Intentional With Their Self-Talk

Mentally tough, confident athletes know that their thoughts become their reality. 

They are intentional with what they say to themselves, especially when it gets hard, the pressure is on, or they are making mistakes. 

They have mantras and affirmations on repeat and challenge the negative thinking that comes into their mind. 

#5 They Are Not Afraid of Success (In Themselves and Others)

Mentally tough athletes don't hold back (especially for fear that others might not like them). 

They don't dim their light or anyone else's. They can be seen lifting their teammates up and celebrating their successes (rather than tearing them down or talking behind their backs). 

Mentally tough, confident athletes don't just happen by accident.  These type of athletes also won't just develop "with time" or experience. 

We have to provide the opportunity for our athletes to develop these skills and build their confidence, just like any other skill in their sport. 

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