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#32: A Deep Dive Into Healthy Resolutions w/ Meg O'Rourke, Registered Dietician

confidence podcast self-talk Jan 07, 2022

We have Meg O’Rouke back on the podcast to answer your questions around resolutions and how to set goals for yourself while modeling healthy habits for your daughter. 

Meg was recently on the podcast talking all about the diet culture and how our resolutions can often do more harm than good when it comes to our success and the unhealthy habits that our daughters pick up on in the process. 

She’s coming back to dive deeper into this topic and answer questions from you!

Learn why resolutions are often harmful for our daughters

Uncover what we can do instead to help model healthy habits

✅Discover ways you can be intentional with your relationship with food to avoid eating disorders in your daughter

Our daughter's confidence in her body, sport, and life is cultivated in large part by the messages she receives from you as her mom. Ensure you are building her confidence through the habits you're modeling!

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