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#27: A Mom's Guide to Social Media & Comparison with Jill & Mary of Girls Mentorship

confidence podcast self-talk Dec 21, 2021
Comparison is something that nearly every athlete reports struggling with.
Comparing abilities with other athletes.
Comparing their talents with someone else's.
Comparing their bodies, clothes, and lives with someone they see on social media.
Many times, our athlete daughters can get sucked into a comparison game that ends up discouraging them, halting their progress, and causing them to give up before they even start.
This is nothing new to our guests on the podcast this week, Jill & Mary from Girls Mentorship!
Jill & Mary are confidence coaches for teen and tween girls. They help teach girls how to be the best versions of themselves through life and personal development skill trainings; things like effective communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills, relationship skills and so much more.
Jill, Mary and I had a fascinating conversation together diving into this issue of comparison and what our athletes (and their moms) can be doing to navigate comparison in a healthy way.
In this episode...
👉 Learn how you can help your daughter when she compares herself to others then doesn't feel "good enough"
👉 Uncover ways to help athletes manage social media so that it is a positive influence in their life
👉 Discover the #1 strategy you can be using as a mom to help your athlete daughter in this area of comparison
👉 Learn tangible tips around cell phone and social media use
This episode is a must-listen for moms of female athletes who desire to support their daughter as she is faced with comparison in her sport and life, and who want to build confidence in their female athletes!
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